July 18, 2011

How to improve marketing?

This is an impromptu blog post in response to a question asked by Abhinaba Dey on a Facebook forum. Though the question was addressed for start-ups, but I feel this can be extended universally. Will love to know your thoughts on this:

Question: How to improve marketing for start-ups?

Do while (endless) {
Observe results;
Re-execute successful experiments;
Analyze root cause of failed experiments;
Unlearn old concepts based on experience;

I will be happy to improve this no-brainer algorithm with your inputs! So do post your comments 🙂


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July 18, 2011

Sumana Chakraborty @ 8:44 am

"Unlearn old concepts based on experience" the most important part i feel… we have often debated over it… but until one unlearns what they have learned before their mind wouldn't have any free space to learn newer techniques… 

RV @ 11:20 am

while {
           results are rewarding;
         } do what you like and like what you do;

I was always a big fan of while-do loops rather than do-while loops in my previous janam as a C programmer because it gives you the control to decide and scoot away at the end of every iteration rather than making you do it and then checking if the while condition is still valid.. ok, ok I know you should have checked the while before you started the iteration but what the hell, English is a funny language and take advantage of its funniness to make your point.. maybe that is why a colloquial laqnguage should not form part of a programming language.. now Abhishek if you thought this was exasperating, then wait till you come across my (twisted or warped or genius depending on where you come from) questions and the queries about memory pointers and literals – once again in my favourite language – C

August 14, 2011

seema @ 12:39 pm


April 18, 2012

Akram Eidleh @ 8:03 am

Well the question should be asked as Marketing in a programing way… am I right?

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