April 23, 2012

Technology Trends for 2012

I was thinking of writing this post for quite some time. But, @twitter has made me lazy. However, I have finally taken out time to summarize some technology trends that I see emerging and strengthening in 2012.

Whats the next big thing? It may not happen right now, but they are not very far either:

Beyond doubt, the rate of change in technology is accelerating at a pace that is unprecedented. It will be exciting to see how this post / trend spotting matches with the real result in a years time.

It was summarized by a statement made by a friend of mine who is in corporate debt finance –

"I have to work harder, I have to keep reviewing the companies and their state every couple of months now. Gone are the days when companies used to take 10 years to be built and same amount of time to be killed due to mismanagement. 10 years has shrunk to 10 months, if not less"

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April 23, 2012

Partha Dutta @ 9:10 am

Well ..you have missed a real big opportunity – Commercialization of "Big Data". 2011 was the year for identifying opportunities with Big Data and 2012 will be the roll out of big data implementations.

indusnet @ 10:17 am

Hi Partha,

Good point. However, the reason I did not mention Big Data is that I feel it will take more than one year for it to get the level of traction to make it mainstream. I also do not feel that it can have the same level of impact that "reducing information load" and "network of things" will have in future evolution.

I may be wrong, but this is how I see things.

But thank you for contributing a new perspective.

Amit G @ 11:00 am

As an extension of the Big Data point, DaaS will (or may, perhaps!) gain momentum. Combined with it, the focus on Big Data Analytics (not just OLAP, but advanced and predictive too) is coming up big time. Most companies are devoting resources/infrastructure to build teams to cater to areas like Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Service Analytics, etc. 

Vikash @ 1:14 pm

Good one Abhishek!!!

September 19, 2012

Webcurd @ 3:41 pm

Very correctly pointed out Abhishek Sir …..!!!

February 12, 2013

Ganeshan Nadarajan @ 10:49 pm

The blog is interesting. Thanx for sharing.

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