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February 3, 2007

Soniya Agarwala @ 5:37 pm

Its really good to see ur website!!!

March 15, 2007

Subhash Bohra @ 7:13 am

I have gone through your profile and i must say that at the age of 28 you have done a lot. One question are you really 28 years old.

If this is true then i would like to meet you,if not personally then will talk on net and via email.

My email i have added but i usually available on Gtalk id is

Kudos to your efforts man…i think i am a thinker and i think very weired things but the thing is as you said “execution” is bigger than the “idea”. So i here i am, love to meet you.

Thanks for Reading

March 27, 2007

Sourav Paul @ 11:24 am

Hello sir,
I am also a web designer, and inspired by ur profile. Hope one day ur company become largest web design and development company in the world , but one day I will be the best web designer in the world.
Please visit my site

Thanking you,

May 22, 2007

Abhishek @ 8:00 am

I was just going through your profile page and am amazed at the variety of work you are doing or daring to do. It shows your grit and determination.

I am also looking to start my venture in Mumbai and I feel more determined to do so specially when I find younger people like you doing such good work. Keep it up.

July 11, 2007

Goutam Dey @ 10:54 am

Abisekh it's really nice see your blog, it's really nice to see grownup and the services you offer today.
We met someday long back in 90's when i was at

Anyway really good stuff and wish you all the best.

July 28, 2007

Aparna @ 7:06 pm

Hi Abhishek, You have a wonderful profile. It was great going through your profile.

Thanks. Aparna

August 4, 2007

santanu gupta @ 7:45 pm

its different… had to read it for the second time. yur pro has got an magnetic effect which is remarkable. god bless yu for being an inspiration for the fresh comers.

August 23, 2007

rahul mukherjee @ 2:53 am

dear mr.abhishek;

it's nice to read but truly hard to get. it inspires a lot but does a little. i am a software developer working at an mnc. i have reached at a position which i couldn't think 9 months back when i passed out on 2006. it was a long, struggling path. just think, what happened if you won't have the family support or healthy financial support. i know many people who goes to your firm but they don't get a chance b'coz they don't have experience. i am fortunate enough to come across that phase.
perhaps, it sounds a bit awkward, but please think about those who are still struggling. just put on the jacket of a fresher, then come out the ac room and then feel the heat. the stage was well set for you- so the platform was built, and you just needed to sit on the chair and so you did. of course, what have you done is of fair credential, but think about the freshers.

don't mind. if you, then think of the freshers.

September 9, 2007

Maneeta @ 12:15 pm

Hi Sir,

This afternoon I just came across the name of INT in one of the Careergraph magazines. This was in regard to a content writing article. I thought of applying so hooked on to the net to know more about INT.

It was great to have gone through your website (though I didn't do so much in details) but I could gather that yours is a great concern doing excellent work. And I extend my congratulations for the same!

I work in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Just last month, I travelled to Bangalore to meet a website development company (my organization has an existing website but we were looking at giving it a new look, hence the meeting). Today after having known INT, I simply regretted about having read this so late. We were not aware there was such a big name just so close to our office (I see you have an office in Sector – V)!!

However, I have a flair for writing and was just wondering if I could get myself associated with INT anyways.

Good wishes to you and your entire team. Great work!

Best regards,

September 27, 2007

Mukesh Rungta @ 11:04 pm

Hi Good to see the web link of your company and know about you. Keep it up and good luck for ur future. Regards Mukesh

October 5, 2007

susmita @ 10:25 am

i came across your profile. u have a diversified exposure i should say.i know about your company and work's nice to read your blog, but at the same time i know many people who goes to your firm but they don’t get a chance b’coz they don’t have experience or they are not given chance to show what they are capable of!.

Abhishek Rungta @ 11:05 am

Hello Susmita,

Thank you for writing to me.

This is true that we are unable to give exposure to several fresh candidates. I personally feel bad about it. However you have to understand that this is also due to the educational system in our country where people are not taught practical employable skills. We have launched Indus Net Academy to bridge this gap.

Apart from this, I must say that most freshers who come to us have presented resumes which are very unimpressive and have shown little or no imagination and individuality. This has resulted in our company losing interest in fresh candidates.

Problems apart, we are trying our level best to impart employable skills in freshers through Indus Net Academy ( and get freshers employment and opportunity.

Abhishek Rungta

Abhishek Rungta @ 11:06 am


We have also launched Indus Net Work @ Home concept to induct many more fresh candidates after free training in the field of Content writing and Internet marketing.


Abhishek Rungta @ 11:15 am

Hello Rahul Mukherjee,

Thank you for writing to me.
I must first congratulate you on your success. You must celebrate it.

You definitely made some valid points. A person have to struggle for success. Trust me, I did my part as well. Your assumption that I had all the financial backing and family support is not true. I have started from literally nothing in hand. My family did supported me, but they did only because I was 100% admant that I want to do a great company and not go into my traditional family business. However, I dont remember a single person who contracted me a project because he was a family friend or under influence of my family members.

I was also a fresher and have struggled to get a job. I have worked my way up to the current position (which is not very great for sure). In fact, I feel it is always good, as you are firmly grounded to your basics.

I agree about my inability to give employment to many freshers. In a fast growing economy, it is very difficult for a small company like ours to hire many freshers. I have addressed this question in reply to another comment on this blog.

Please keep your comments coming in. It helps me keep a check on myself and get to know more wonderful people like you.


October 19, 2007

Chee @ 1:23 am

Hi! I am very impress by what you have done at Template Kingdom.

Recently I found a template from your site which I was very interested in purchasing. However, I needed some customization done on the template. Please get someone to contact me at the above email address. The template I am interested in is frd-0001-onls. Thank you Chee

November 4, 2007

pravin @ 4:59 am

Congrats to you on developing your expertise in large array of fields.
It's our pride that Indian entrepreneurs are emerging not in just quantity but the quality !
I am also working on some ventures . . . Thanks for motivating us. . .

November 13, 2007

Bhaskar @ 9:56 am

Abhishek I for one know how difficult it is to create something from scratch and build a brand name. What really amazes is your penchant for continuous growth and development. Though, strictly, I am one of your competitiors, I have my own web development company, after reading this blog…I have to give credit to where it belongs!

Hope we can meet some day and share our experiences and knowledge on the internet and its future! Till, then, I wish you the best and I hope you keep on inspiring youngsters to never forget, hard work, perseverence and the determination to succeed against all odds, is the mantra to success!

November 15, 2007

Abhishek Rungta @ 1:33 pm

Hi Bhaskar,

Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. If you are in Kolkata or Chennai, we can definitely meet up as I spend time in both these cities. Please be my guest in my office and we can have a chat.

BTW, I do not believe that we are competitors to anyone. I believe in creating my own market and I have hardly come across any Kolkata company while negotiating a deal as a competitor. I think there is too much work and too few committed companies who can deliver what they say on a consistent basis.

It is always nice to know more people because you never know what lies ahead and what the relationship holds in future. Do keep in touch.


My very best wishes for your success.

March 25, 2008

kashmirilal @ 5:43 am

dear abhishek,

I have read with great interest your article on SEZ. I am studying this subject for so many days as we have to discuss it bing member of Swadeshi Jagran Manch. One thing I can say with confidence that your clarity on the subject, as illustrated in this article, is remarkable. Secondly, after reading your personal details, a nostalgic feeling engulfed me as I have spent three years in Himachal Pradesh and enjyed trekking very much. I see a bright future in you as a young Indian entrepreneur who will do much for our country. regards,


Abhishek Rungta @ 6:33 am

Dear Mr. Kasmirilal, Thank you for your kind words. I hope our government review the policy, and see to it that competitiveness is promoted rather than a new kind of "license raj" and "jamindari" by so called *hotshot* real estate developers!

I was shocked by the comments that came from Unitech when the STPI scheme was not extended.

BTW, for those who think scrapping of STPI was right – please remember that government will keep losing taxes from IT sector because most high-profit companies with big turnover will turn towards SEZ and hundreds of mid-sized companies are already turning to the offshore-company model to save taxes.

The only loser will be Indian IT industry, which to be very frank, has not even learnt to walk!


April 5, 2008

ketaki @ 6:19 am

I came across your site on google.. must say it is simply cool and great. I am an MBA student, and in the future hope to start my own company as well. It is great to see that you have achieved so much at such a young age. people like you are inspiration for us aspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for been an inspiration. I hope i can get backto you for any future difficulties.

April 26, 2008

Amit @ 7:38 am

Hi Abhishek

Stumbled upon your site when looking for usability services across the country – very inspiring! I'm 30 as well and moved back from the US 5 years back to try out interesting things back home. Started off on the consulting/entrepreneurial side and transitioned for the moment to management in a large software product organization – always keen on exchanging notes with young entrepreneurs such as yourself!


May 21, 2008

Himadri Lodh @ 9:35 pm

Hi ! ,

You will not remember, that we met long back, before INDUSNET was born, that time you used to talk about, if I am not wrong at your office some where in Dalhousie area, I don't remember exactly.You came to my office for some buisness deal, then we both kept in touch and now you are a successful Web Guru.
Excellent !

June 11, 2008

Vikas @ 9:11 am

Hi Abhishek ,
Firstly a lot many congrats for bringing Indus Net to these heights,the efforts are really commendable.
Secondly the Indus Net Academy of yours is not exposed to the normal people, i am sure that once that is done it will be a win win situation for your firm(as it will get talented resource) as well as for freshers.

VIkas Bahar

Abhishek Rungta @ 10:07 am

Hi Vikas,

Thank you for your compliments and inputs! They are much appreciated.

I know, I have failed miserably in getting Indus Net Academy its due brand awareness and exposure to common man. I am working on newer strategies to get it popular.

To be frank, I like to do things differently, so that I can create my own market. This has higher probability of failure. However, the day is not far when you will find it more popular.


Vikas @ 1:44 pm

Hi Abhishek ,
No u havent 'failed miserably' as quoted by u, u have atleast taken a step towards it, it is just that maybe people are not aware and not able to take advantage of it. 🙂

Newaz as u said abt doing thgs differently … all the best for that as well ..

Vikas Bahar

August 20, 2008

Sujatha @ 2:33 pm

It is inspiring web site. Yesterday when I was reading news paper noted that globally there is a severe shortage of young entrepreneurs. You have taken right path and your success is admirable. Hope you would also give your inputs for new entrant to this technological area.

March 11, 2009

Neil @ 1:19 pm

I was fortunate enough to meet Abhishek in London at the SES conference; he really is a great man and highly intelligent. His vision has inspired me to take some time and reflect on my own work as an in house Seo consultant in Ireland and launch my own internet marketing business .

May 6, 2009

vikas bahar @ 11:50 am

Hi Abhishek,
You site has really improved 🙂 , But there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

There is too much data on the pages, instead you can give links to different pages.

Howz Indus Net Academy going on ???

BTW i have left my job and have joined GMBA at SPJCM to learn the nuances of management.

Keep Improving

Vikas Bahar

May 7, 2009

Abhishek Rungta @ 4:50 am

Hi Vikas,

Thank you for the compliments. I know it can be improved and will surely do something soon. May be a redesign from scratch. The current improvements were very simple – a theme change, some widget placements and some minor tweaks which I did myself within half an hour. Yeah, my colleague did that nice header for me. I will have to get my team work on a design from scratch soon.

Indus Net Academy is doing fine. It is growing slowly, but steadily. I am sure it will have its share of limelight within next 4-5 years.

Do share your experience about your GMBA. I am personally not a very big fan of MBA programs. But will love to share ideas about new things that you learn and consider worth debating.



July 15, 2009

ritesh @ 2:19 pm

i need a little help from u sir i want to have a leave a comment box just like urs i have searched for it all over the net but found nothing my friends at thinkdigit has recommended ur name can u help me to get comment box like u

waiting for reply

July 16, 2009

Abhishek Rungta @ 5:56 am

Hi Ritesh,

I use Word Press. I saw that you are using Blog Spot, which is limited by the imagination / software design of Google (which owns the system). Not sure how you can get the same "leave a comment" thing in Blog Spot. In Word Press it is by default.


July 19, 2009

Bikash @ 3:05 pm

Hi Abhishek,

It's nice to know about you. At 28 years, you have achieved quote a lot. I am working on my two blogs and and I hope to make it big soon.

Knowing about you helps us to find motivation. Thanks.


[…] can blog contribute to your topline?" by Abhishek Rungta; CEO of Indus Net […]

[…] Abhishek Rungta; CEO of Indus Net Technologies: "How can blog contribute to your topline?" […]

August 9, 2009

Madhuri Katti @ 1:08 pm

Hi Abhishek,

I was impressed by your presentation at Kolkata Bloggers Meet'09. Also it is a great idea to bring everyone from bloggers to professionals under one umbrella by organising such events. This dialogue is essential.

Your blog is nice. I am sure all your hard work and effort take your company way ahead.

Hope you organise a trek for bloggers too!

If you can spare time do go through my website which we hope to evolve into a sort of serious web magazine. Its again a heartfelt venture without much expectations of returns.

Thanking you,

Best wishes,

December 21, 2010

Donald Lim @ 5:01 am

Dear Abhishek
It is amazing to see how much you have grown. I used to work with your company many years ago on web design projects. Since then, you have grown leaps and bounds. I am really happy for you and wish to congratulate you on your success. I know you can do so much more and so much better. I look forward to more success stories of yours.
Best wishes,
Donald, Singapore

December 24, 2010

abhishekrungta @ 1:33 am

Hi Donald,

It is great to hear back from you. More so, around this festive season!
I hope your health and business is doing well.

Feel free to give us an opportunity to serve you again 🙂

Merry Christmas!


January 24, 2011

Antim Pande @ 12:37 pm

hi it is great experience to know about your journey on business field. Does your company invest the money only outside project or also invest the indian based business?

Antim Pande @ 12:41 pm

hi its great to know about your experience on business field.

Antim Pande @ 5:37 pm

hi it is great experience to know about your journey on business field. Does your company invest the money only outside project or also invest the indian based business?

Antim Pande @ 5:41 pm

hi its great to know about your experience on business field.

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