August 18, 2007

Are you what you always wanted to be?

You ask any student – What do you want to be?

You will get a quick reply –

  • Doctor
  • Software Engineer
  • Singer
  • Pilot
  • Teacher
  • Etc.

Why do different people want to do different things?

Because – they "want" to do that. They have a "desire" to achieve something in the given field. They want to "make a difference" in a given way and want to make a living out of that. Clearly, making money is an important component. But it is not the priority. The attention is on the quality of achievement and how he will come out superior among his peers (we call it competition).

But what we see around in real life is something totally different. That same person when he enters into his professional life, forgets about his wants, desire and the "make a difference" attitude and turns to "make a living out of it" as the only goal. He turns towards mediocre work just to walk through the day. Where is the fire to be "the best" in what he does?

What has gone wrong? What has happened that has turned around the entire goal of life!

If you ask this question to most of the people, they will start playing "pass the blame" game. The person they blame may change from scenario to scenario!

  • Someone will blame their employer
    • I don't get opportunity to perform 
    • I do not get paid enough
  • Someone will blame their customers
    • My customer do not give me enough space to be creative
    • My employees are not dedicated).
  • Someone will blame their education
    • I could not crack GMAT and hence could not proceed with my career of choice
    • My college degree is useless and it has not prepared me for my job

The reality is – "We have taken a shortcut in our life."

Most people want to get the goodies, but will not like to take the pain. To make themselves happy they invent a new theory! It goes like this —

Innerself: Why do we really work?
Outerself: To earn a living!

Innerself: Is this the only way to earn?
Outerself: No

Innerself: So what are my options?
Outerself: Anything that helps me achieve my ultimate goal. That is, to earn a living!

The problem starts when we answer the first question raised by the "Innerself". When someone is in school, the answer is different and is driven by passion. When the same person steps into real life the answer is driven by immediate need.

So, when a person gets this immediate need to be satisfied, he will change course. He will take a shortcut, which looks very rosy. He trades his dream against his immediate need. It is good or bad – I don't know. People may have real compulsions or they might have pre-conceived unreal problems. But this is the day they get out to walk on the "most used" path which takes them away from glory and satisfaction.

I sincirely believe that if a person is passionate and he works for his passion – to be the best in what he does – to do it honestly and to stick to his dream – he will be successful in achieving what he originally dreamed. And there is no bigger satisfaction in life compared to achieving this.

So, to be what you "want to be", hold on to your dream and stick to your passion. Of course nothing comes cheap and there will be adversities on the way, but if you do not take the shortcut, life will treat you like a king.

BTW, while you work hard to achieve what you "want to be", your financial goals are well taken care of.

Why? Because you are not wasting your time in thinking about money. It can result in very high level of anxiety. You are focused on your goal and doing the work, which results in money. Thinking does not get you any money! So you earn much more than you expected out of the immediate "shortcut" that you avoided when taking a decision about your career.

May success belong to you and your dreams come true.


I have been inspired to write this blog post as I see thousands of IT professionals in India slog in day and out running after their dream career. I have met several young IT professionals who have no ambition to achieve something except a good living. They don't take any pride in what they do. They do "what others want" because they have taken a shortcut.

I was reading somewhere that "India has the youngest population in the world and is poised to take a giant leap …"

But if the young workforce is directionless, then in which direction are we taking the "giant leap". Towards being a mediocre service delivery center for the world? or Towards becoming the largest consumer market in the world?

Let's think!



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August 18, 2007

Arun Agrawal @ 12:46 pm


This is a serious point and difficult to understand for someone who will get food when he reaches home and whose mother (or wife or sister) will not ask "Did you get a job today?". Even I am not qualified to explain this – may be some sociologists can.

However I agree with your concern when I see employees take up jobs that they do not like because 'it pays more'. Or when I see entrepreneurs start businesses that have better income potential but the work is not of their interest. All these end up in feeling like slogging and return home tired and spent.

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April 8, 2012

Abhishek Jha @ 7:50 am

I liked this post.. the same scene i see at Sector V buildings.. there are people more passionate about earning a living.. doing the latest crash course to get a job.. and finally to smoke or show off flashy gadgets and hangout at the food stall to talk of the latest tech that makes them look cool in front of their friends or.. for meeting with some chicks for doing timepass.. these are mentally satisfying escape routes for the young techies.. sadly they never have "reflection time" to stop once and ask themselves "Are you what you always wanted to be?"..
probably there are a good majority of people in Sector V who will say "Yes" to this question.. because they feel "it is easier to to be a part of the system than to make any difference to it!"

April 24, 2012

Abhishek Garg @ 5:14 pm

Very nice read. & a naked truth! Neatly explained with a strong tinge of reality.

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