March 24, 2008

Managing vs. Leading – What an organization needs?

I regularly hear about terms like Manager, Managing, Management, Management Team, etc. The dictionary term for manage is "cope: come to terms or deal successfully with" and "pull off: be successful; achieve a goal"

In my opinion, the word 'manage' makes me think about:

  • Control,
  • Status Quo,
  • Monitoring
  • Come to terms

Somewhere it reflects a sense of compulsion, where someone else is setting the goal for you. It sounds like "ensure that it stays on track". I somehow find managing limits a person and his role to retain the lead.

Therefore, to get the lead, you need leaders!
Leaders are a different breed. They manage less. Instead, they lead.

The word 'lead' makes me visualize

  • Energy,
  • Execution,
  • New,
  • Inspiration.

When I think of a leader, I visualize someone who:

  • Set the vision and inspire people.
  • Set long term goals.
  • Does not control the outcome.
  • Trust people around him.
  • Win trust of team members by setting examples
  • Manages less.

So, to build / grow a company, you need leader(s). And to manage one, you need managers! Mostly, leaders are not good managers and they should not overstretch themselves for that role.  

Leaders are like creators.
Managers are like Accumulators.

You cannot run a company without either. So make sure that your company has both!


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