May 26, 2013

Marketing lesson from our cabbie

Last year, when we were in Sydney for CeBIT Australia 2012, we paid a bomb (almost $80) for our airport transfer. So this time, we acted wisely and booked a cab in advance. Since we are staying in a hotel managed by a Korean guy, he sent us a Korean cabbie to pick us up from the Sydney airport.

It was a pleasure dealing with him. But what struck me about him was his small "marketing" trick that he applied at the end of our journey.

When we reached our destination, he complimented us on our choice of hotel (his way of helping his friend – the hotel manager, who got him our airport transfer deal) and promptly got our bags out of the boot. He immediately pulled out two luggage tags and put them on our suitcases.

Here is the tag:


I think this is smart.

He is ensuring that we will think of him, when we pick up our suitcases, which will be when we pack up to go back. Hence he is ensuring top-of-the-mind recall when his services will be required. This is much better than handing us a business card, which can get misplaced or will hardly ensure a recall. He is making it convenient for us.

As if this was not enough, he also made an offer to drop us to airport at the end of our stay at a $5 discount, i.e. $40.

A sure shot marketing lesson for everyone. It is important to ensure recall when your services / product are required. It may not need millions of dollars to do it. It just need a little bit of thoughtfulness and wisdom.


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