January 22, 2011

My interview @

Recently, I was interviewed by Andrew Warner of Here is the video for you. Please post all your reactions at Mixergy only (link given below), so that the conversation stays in one place and everyone can relate to it.

P.S.: The positive emails after this video interview has inspired me to do a detailed video story of INT. It is not the biggest story ;), but I am sure there will be few takeaways and I will be happy if it helps anyone.

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September 7, 2009

A short interview

I got a very interesting interview (questionnaire) from TiE Delhi. I think this is smart and I enjoyed answering it. So here it goes:

  • I was born in Kolkata.
  • When not in office, I like to be at home.
  • Favourite holiday destinationDarjeeling.
  • The quality that impresses me most in people is honesty and professionalism.
  • Book I recommend others to read Getting Things Done & My Experiments With Truth
  • If I were not an entrepreneur or professional I am today, I would be a mountaineer
  • My pillar of strength is my family, my integrity and my persistence
  • Top 3 ingredients that go into making a successful venture are hard work, customer focus and innovation
  • My leadership style/mantra is atomic fission – do not let organization become too big. Break when needed and get new leaders grow and manage each new atomic unit.
  • Entrepreneurship is a state of mind

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